Watching Football, Real Football.

When I saw “Real Football”, I wonder which readers think I’m referring to… Both are “real” in their own respects.

As much as I complain about the bloat of American Football on television, with commercials that expand the actual game to more than three times the actual time that the games says it’ll be (60 Minutes), I rarely miss the scoring, timing my breaks around the commercials.

Even if not, I am becoming a big fan of condensed formats like NFL Rewind and DVR’ing games just to cut the fluff.

Watching a European football game is a study in attention. This Chelsea – Wigan game, I missed each of the scoring, doing something, whether it was getting my coffee or other stuff.

Learning about scores afterward defeats the joy of the moment or the surprise in what may have been a dull game or the shock that an exciting game had no scores.

Here's hoping that Griffin takes care of himself a little more when he's hurt.
Here’s hoping that Griffin takes care of himself a little more when he’s hurt.

Nice to see RGIII’s debut at the NFL level. One has to hope he doesn’t do a number like “The Natural” and be hurt so bad that his prime is missed and he becomes a shell of his actual ability. No harm in sliding (unless you’re Michael Vick). Even with all the comments which question why he wasn’t taken out, etc., the onus needs to be on him to recognize that if he doesn’t get himself checked out, good chance no one will.



Stop the killing.
Stop the killing.

I got my dander up on this, not simply because of this most recent tragedy, but because of the overwhelming evidence that there is no proof that anything serious is being done to prevent recurrences of mass violence. I mean, how many times must this type of stuff repeat? Similar scenarios and such: some ‘over-the-edge’ person goes on a rant and goes after vulnerable people for whom going to school or the mall was a fatal choice, et cetera …

Look, if we aren’t going to do anything, do me a favor: just stop fking lying to me. STOP calling it “gun control” ’cause it’s so not. Our policy on guns seems little more than Russian Roulette: add in the factors of “healthy” firearm production, a willing populace intent on misuse, an inability to truly discuss the issue, other factors surely, and put them in the chamber and spin and most often we’re fine, but more than once, apparently, we’re not.

And just to think I was thinking Bob Costas was over the limit bringing a discussion of gun control in to the Belcher discussion on SNF (I didn’t hear it first-hand), but sure enough, life seems to prove itself out in the long run, because while some violence (access to guns, etc.,) just is not preventable, no one’s losing sleep over the Iraqi “Shoe Thrower” or nobody’s kid is planning a killing spree by taking “skipping” rocks to school.

… I used to believe that the kind of collective apathy we show towards the victims of gun violence was only reserved for people who die in the hood, but I have to guess again …