Facebook Response: Up or down on the Baltimore Grand Prix (Indycar)

A Facebook friend asked whether I was going to the grand Prix and here’s my response:

“After seeing Mike’s comment (unimpressed) I figured on expounding a bit … I went to the Saturday solely and skipped the Sunday and it turned out to be a good move for me. There were waaaay too many cautions and while, yes, cautions are cautions for a reason, the mixed weather provided for unfortunate conditions. So much so that I actually tweeted with Allan McNish (ex F1 driver, current Audi Le Mans prototype driver) about it. In essence, Baltimore/Indycar need a cherry picker to get crashed cars off of their street circuits in less than two laps — they currently have to send a tow truck around which is much more time-consuming. The Saturday action is much better, but here’s where the mixed feeling comes in. Indycar, as CART, is emerging from the insolvency of the naught years and trying to capitalize on open-wheel racing, and while it’s nowhere near places like Montreal (F1) given the upside for tourism & the ability for the up and coming series to help the city and vice-versa, it something I’d like to see succeed and I don’t know that the non-racing market of native Baltimoreans know the difference anyway, so I think of it a “low-rent” open-wheel racing… And super local.”


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