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“But this week he told the Herald that it was only his cycling helmet that saved him from a potentially lethal injury.

The Lambs star said: “I was coming into training from Heath Hayes on my bike when I literally went head over heels after a car swerved into me.

“I was flown right over my handle bars after hitting one of those electrical grey boxes on the side of the road.

“I was left with bumps and scraps and a bad hip and a badly bruised arm, but it could have been a lot worse if I wasn’t wearing my helmet at the time.

“I kind of landed head first on the kerb – if I had done that without my helmet on, who knows what could have happened?

“That is why you have to wear a helmet. You never know when you might need it.”


Enough Already Complaining About Off-Season Sports

“Personally, I got about ten solid reasons why I’ve tried to stop playing sports in the off-season (which, in this case, is football): I say this because:

a) there are too many sports to worry about when that sport ain’t on …
b) while I recognize the value of the off-season in football (learned through getting boos in the Franchise Edition of Madden, oh-so-long ago last I played, can’t we just wait for them to actually win or lose?
c) not appreciating the off-season is exhausting …
d) takes away from my ability to appreciate Kobe possibly missing the playoffs (or his team’s subsequent impending first-round exit from the playoffs)
e) Formula 1
f) UEFA Champions League
h) real-life
i) teaching the kid to hit without using a tee by increasing confidence and pitching at the bat (this is actually “a” I think) …
j) impending arrival of the Orioles and if that’s not enough, the frenzy around how dominating the Yankees won’t be, which for me is sometimes enough.”

Recent post highlighting the complaints that local football fans have about the local football team’s roster moves and free agency losses and gains and in the end, isn’t a bit much? Isn’t it like political coverage on the weekend after an election?