Debate Reaction …

The rare political comment, on Facebook no less, … As an independent who despises modern-day politics … (wife made me watch the debate) …

“Hi all … Scott, first comment: funny. Lisa: I’d like to know which president was not learning on the job. (not a dig) but I think there was an unfortunate thing that went on. I think it’s right to perceive the president as having lost, but I got the sense that the two combatants has (had) agreed on a format and agreed that the moderator would moderate the actual debate. But neither happened.

How long do you stand in line when people who cut the line get in the door? I think the president was caught in that dynamic. So, there were times when Obama looked at Lehrer for clarity on whose turn it was. I would have rather they just agreed to have a bar room argument for 90 minutes. But in a sense this may have been Obama’s weakness all along… Not knowing exactly when to ‘break bad’.”


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