Argonne Drive Repair Makes Me Question If The City’s Left Hand Knows What The Right Is Doing.

Independently, I don’t frown on road repair, but I can’t help but think about the scene in the Soprano’s when Tony’s crew scored the trucking contract and the road repair contract, then laughed to themselves about how overloading the trucks will lead to sooner than average road repairs, thereby fleecing the fictitious New Jersey town.

Not that this is a wholesale fleecing. But the Baltimore DOT is less than responsive to neighborhood concerns. Some years back, on behalf of the neighborhood we asked for a traffic study because Argonne Drive (a 25mph residential street) had a seemingly high amount of accidents and presumably speeding. Not to mention signs indicate that it has weight restrictions which don’t seem to be enforced. We never had a tactile response despite their claims to respond in 180 days maximum. The did put a speed “indicator” – no telling if you went through it at, say, 70 whether there were any repercussions.

Couple those problems with the oft-written about sewer line problems in Baltimore City. From what I read, the sewer lines break apart piece by piece and the city is keeping up with them (or trying to) as they break. Argonne Drive’s broke last year in spectacular fashion (in places).

The pipes presumably were rebuilt, tearing up street that had been repaved in recent memory. With the potholes that inevitably spring as the seasons re-warm, I have to wonder at the re-paving without DOT’s completion/publication of a traffic study, enforcement of speeding or overweight restrictions, the ensuing lack of traffic controls, the presumably continuing sewer problems (we keep thinking they are done), the high water table issue on Westview which leads to a stream that runs to the sewers after lots of rainfull, and the logic of repaving the road before the winter, it all leaves me wondering whether there is an understanding of the overall situation.

I mean, leave the street in the post-sewer line fix and at least it’s not like you’re spending good money after bad and those doing fifty in a twenty-five pay the “suspension tax” when they hit the bumps or tell me where I can get in on the action.


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