Selected Reasons For Avoiding an iPhone

As much as I like Apple and its products, ever since I realized how easy it was to change font sizes and make my papers seem longer way back in school – when writing class assigned page minimums as a surrogate for making a point, I won’t be getting an iPhone. Here’s why:

1. Simply too expensive. It’s just a category killer for me to walk around with a phone over a 2-spot. Once I went on a bike ride and got caught in 45 minute rainstorm. Phone was dead … Painful, but not a mortal situation.

2. I’m trying to spend less time on the net: a decent enough phone can do that. Conversation with my dad today about where former Ravens backup Troy Smith is: (ten seconds and I had an answer: Omaha Nighthawks!?). Having conversations where Che king the net is necessary like I’m in a presidential debate alters if not mars the state of conversation, not that I’m wistful, it’s just not that necessary.

… anything more and it’s more like having a device that needs cherishing like, perhaps, an iPad.

3. While I’ve done the phone upgrade thing in the past, never again for me. I went to the bank the other day, and they gave me complications and I had the freedom to just end the relationship right there on the spot. Powerful place to be: like being the swing vote on the Supreme Court. Well, not exactly. The people I the cell contract are the weakest group.

4. The iPod is just as good if not better (price) … (& if they can’t support Bluetooth tethering, then I can wait and if i can’t, I’ll jailbreak the iPod on my current non-iPhone service).

5. The issues with being an early adopter…

6. Insurance on a phone? Remember the days when you bought a phone and it lasted twenty years? The phone at my grandma’s might be older than me. Once the phones got small and powerful, it takes a lot for me to like them even more.

7. Compatibility should be the next frontier and with all those guys suing one another and no two connectors being compatible, building an entire OS is the only way to build them when compatibility should be the way to go… To the degree this pits Google against Apple: Game on. Until the dust settles there some, buying the latest phone means buying a whole lot more than just the phone.

I learned this when I bought a Nike/Philips mp3 player back in 2000. The player was nice and compact but the software was clunky on a Mac and this translated into a great player on a bad system. Apple solved this with the iTunes/iPod integration not only on Mac but surprisingly enough, on PC. Great design, a wide open market & the rest history.

8. I prefer to zag.

9. Open source the phone OS, so it can be “pimped” how I like it… Not possible? Right….

10. Change the paradigm of cell phone service in the States making the plans less punitive and more valuable to the loyal customer … Not possible? Right…


One thought on “Selected Reasons For Avoiding an iPhone

  1. Actually, the first one just cuts it right there for me. It’s a nice little [edit: big] thingy, but it’s definitely overrated. Android, IMHO, if you have to make a choice.

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