I Wish There Was A Gauge For Anger

I wrote an angry e-mail today and didn’t send it because I don’t have an accurate guide of the extent to which my anger serves to be more effective.

By contrast, I was pissed the other day and went for a bike ride, and the delta change in ride time was a difference of about 2 – 4% – increasing my average ride time from about 1 hour, to about 58 minutes.

If considered scientifically, I wonder what that delta change would be consistently and if the same percentage or an inverse percentage could be applied to creative or political (only in the sense that the pursuit needed other people — I despise Politics).

That said, I need a gauge of just how angry I am.


2 thoughts on “I Wish There Was A Gauge For Anger

  1. I replied with a new post but it also occurred to me that in business I had a relationship in which the person screwed me over, then asked how I felt. I was very politic and then they said, “I can see your upset, what’s on your mind?” It got me thinking: “If I said what was on my mind, I’d curse you out!!”

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