Ahhh… A Smart Mood Ring …

If I had a “smart” mood ring that was akin to a phone maybe I’d be on the right track. Currently, my governor is my own logic (or if I get angry or whatever) lack thereof. This image picked from this site discussing how computers see the world is the type of gauge algorithm I’m looking for, only I wouldn’t want it to be purely based on logic, but it would factor in my mood, desire for revenge, etc. in the outcome probability of a number of different things.

image courtesy of http://hudsandguis.com/2011/01/02/terminator-the-evolution-of-machine-vision/

For instance: I know not to talk to my mother if I’m angry about something else. It has an inverse success rate, but by how much?

I know that ridng my bike angry,  go faster but to what degree can that success quotient be measured? Or under what conditions would that success be reversed if I worked too hard on the ride.

A mood ring won’t tell all this. A smart-mood ring would.


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