Sporting Roundup

Hard to watch: when you come into a game 8 runs down after going on a losing a 5-plus game losing streak, It’s just painful to watch. No wonder they fought. As bad as they are right now, if they did well against the AL East, most would be forgiven.

Formula 1:
At least someone has cut into Vettel’s dominance but by the look of the pit stop, it was really his own team.

Schumacher is still the man:
Bob Varsha claimed that Schumacher’s shunt of Kobayashi is not the same guy who raced in the past … Um, really?

Do you remember the legend racing Damon Hill? And those famous shunts immortalized on YouTube?

With Ferrari he was immortal: unlimited budget, unlimited testing–corporate mandate to win. Right now he’s the same guy who first went to Ferrari: not willing to give an inch–even in a losing car.
(I remember being the only guy who respected him & it feels like that now.)

Tour De France:
Mountains climbs and carnage on the descent. And a tv car knocking the riders over? That’s the kind of stuff that happens in Baltimore, not the biggest bike race in the world. Jeez. Can’t turn away from it. The crashes and the attrition make this a race for the survivors as they say.


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