Million Dollar Baby is the Best.

Million Dollar Baby is on: one of my favorite movies–favorite boxing movies by far–and one of the best stories as well. My top reasons:

    • Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood: classic
      Hilary Swank: great acting
      The story is written from a real boxing perspective–the movie’s got little on the anthology: Rope Burns, F.X. Toole and outdoes the grittiness of prize-fighting in a way more memorable than most other boxing movies. Plus, the book talks a lot about what many don’t know about boxing, but suspected after seeing the unlikeliness of each of the Rocky movies: how to hit the bag, breathing, traveling as a boxer, etc.
      I saw the Clint Eastwood character as different, (pudgier, more Ed Asner-like) but the spiritual, moral brooding was dead-on and makes me pause in how it was infused to a boxing story
      heartbreaking story
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