Million Dollar Baby is the Best.

Million Dollar Baby is on: one of my favorite movies–favorite boxing movies by far–and one of the best stories as well. My top reasons:

    • Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood: classic
      Hilary Swank: great acting
      The story is written from a real boxing perspective–the movie’s got little on the anthology: Rope Burns, F.X. Toole and outdoes the grittiness of prize-fighting in a way more memorable than most other boxing movies. Plus, the book talks a lot about what many don’t know about boxing, but suspected after seeing the unlikeliness of each of the Rocky movies: how to hit the bag, breathing, traveling as a boxer, etc.
      I saw the Clint Eastwood character as different, (pudgier, more Ed Asner-like) but the spiritual, moral brooding was dead-on and makes me pause in how it was infused to a boxing story
      heartbreaking story
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    Poker Chips

    From Tom Chiariella’s “The One-Minute Guide To Poker” in Esquire October 2010: “Think of Chips as weapons–when you have a lot of them, they are a gangster’s pile of gats. When you have a few, they are samurai swords. Both are dangerous, but in different ways.”


    My dad had a conundrum–a relatively small one, but large to him. He left a service provider and was annoyed because he had no email anymore, whatsoever.

    He didn’t have a clue–no that it’s his fault or anything. I set him up with a Google account, a backup phone number through Google Voice, showed him docs and reader and a permanent email that would stay with you regardless of whether you pay or not and you’d think I struck gold.

    He was relieved. It made me realize how deep the digital divide is. He thought wifi was just out there, available on any laptop… No…

    But the google thing was a gem: no account to be a slave to–get the internet at the best price to be had. Surely it’s a tactic of service providers to get you reliant on an internet handle to make you not act on getting competitive prices for internet.

    Like old, over-priced phone service. I told him to ditch the phone or get one of those combo offers and “pay” for the phone service through the bundling.

    I mean voip is so much better if you’ve already got a cell phone!