Schumacher Too Old?

I’ve seen a lot of posts musing that Michael Schumacher’s too old to be F1 champion.

It’s not a good scene when former champions weigh in on the impossible. Champions are there because they can do the impossible a contradiction in terms.

Schumacher proved he’s cutthroat enough by nearly driving Barrichello into the wall midseason, after being embarrassed at Canada.

What people don’t often understand–and what I’ve come to understand is that there is a nexis on an F1 team where the skill and the driver have to meet optimally–and unless this happens, a championship will be out of reach.

Great car, bad driver? The driver’s salary whatever you’re paying him is a waste of money. Great driver, bad car. Save your money and put it into development. It’s this way in many sports and teams in the business sector—a team has to be ready to tackle the challenge, then acquire the proper assets to do so.

I remember when people were sayong Schumacher wouldn’t win a third championship (he drives too aggressively, yada, yada). But the only stat people respect is the win right here and he can do it.

The car, the new testing rules (Schumacher/Ferrari used to test their asses off throughout the season before the testing ban), and the close competition all factor in to who contends next year.

Ummm… This year! 40 days away.


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