… A Good Sign That Showalter May Just Be The Right Guy.

Hearing him say this is where I’m at. After 12 years of Orioles teams just straight losing badly and a quarter century since having a truly competitive team, I don’t want to hear about a rebuilding year (and the requisite timeline). They just need to go out their and do well now.

“… When I hear somebody say that we’re on a two-, three- or four-year plan, that throws up a flag for me. That’s somebody trying to cover their [butt]. You know what? We’re going to take today and do as much as we can do and do it properly, and we’ll see where it takes us tomorrow. We are identifying things that we need to do better and seeing how quick we can make it happen. But you’re not going to hear me put a timeframe on it. You’re not going to hear me say, “If we win X many games, it’s going to be a success.” That ain’t happening. That ain’t me, babe. No, that ain’t good enough. You’re going to see some things in the spring, and sometimes [people will say], “Well, we’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Bull. Now. Do it again and get it right, and let’s come back tomorrow and see if you really got it right.”