Reaction to Dave Trembley's dismissal…

(On the Sun’s posted reactions to Trembly firing). You’d think that there were more managerial candidates than just the twelve in the poll by the specific ways people want to eat up Dave Trembly.

I for one am not one of them. Why you ask? Bottom line is that the public can second-guess a ton of decisions any manager makes throughout a season evidenced by the fact that a great winning percentage in the majors is only .700. The Orioles losses came from so many close games that league parity wouldn’t do it, talent and confidence would. Right now the Orioles are lacking in the basic confidence in competing.

One of the posts said that Trembly last impression on the author was of him looking “confused” after the players messed up—you know—one of those classic tv shots where we’re supposed to see the guy throwing bats and what-not. But, he didn’t. And honestly, if there’s any reason to look confused, it’s why guys who get paid more in a game than most people in the city in half a year can’t make good baserunning decisions or excel in their positions is probably what he’s thinking.

Truth be told, there was plenty to criticize down the line, but for sure, the damage is much worse mentally than anything else. The fact that the Orioles couldn’t contend with any of the last six games in particular or most of the last couple months is where he seemed to lose the locker room. These guys are grown, but any visible motivation wasn’t reflected in the work and that’s the hardest thing to manage and instill. There are all sorts of examples.

I liked him. He worked hard to be clear with the press. Some fault him for being by the book. I’ve seen it cut both ways: Terry Francona with Pedro Martinez in the playoffs—letting the pitcher go that one extra inning against the Yankees blew up in his face. On the other hand Johnny Oates used to pull guys down to the pitch count no matter what.

But, the picture for the Orioles has been roughly the same for a long time: ever since Hargrove the Orioles have needed a core philosophy that could run through the team and transform the results. Someone mentioned spending money like the Yankees. Just remember they went 17 years without making it to the World Series before Torre did it, when he was not the lock he is today, so it’s a chemistry thing.

No doubt the Orioles HAD to get a screen refresh and let’s hope this is it.