Formula 1 will not be coming to Baltimore…

Ahhh…. Finally some TV I want to watch after the exciting Tour De
France last month. F1 is back from their three-week break. All of you
who think that downtown Baltimore might be a good course for IndyCars
(more weight, slightly less horsepower than F1 cars) take a look at
the Valencia, Spain Formula 1 course at the European Grand Prix.
That's a track! Smooth surfacing, wonderful turns around the seaport
there—all top stuff.

Now I wouldn't get my hopes up. IndyCar is used to driving tracks that
are in worse shape than downtown Baltimore. Even the minimal amount of
road preparation required for an IndyCar race is not for certain with
the Baltimore City Council. By comparison, Formula 1 spends
dramatically more on track preparation compared to IndyCar. The
spending is more akin to getting an event in the Olympics.

On a positive note, Baltimore seems like it'd be a great destination
for race fans, but oddly enough doesn't seem to have many here—not
counting NASCAR.

On another note, sustaining my minimal TV watching though is the show
"Jacked" on Speed where they catch car thieves in Newark New Jersey.
It's like watching mice get caught in a mouse trap. And by that I mean
good programming… All these guys seem to blame somebody else until
they're caught and confronted.


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