Burress "slammed" with a two-year sentence?

I just got a note from a seemingly partial news source claiming that
Burress got "slammed" with a two-year sentence. Reading Plaxico's
attorney's recent statements, there are indications that he felt
targeted and had he been a less notable person, the case may not have
been pursued aggressively. (In an effort to prove attorney value,
that's really just being a master of the obvious). Despite however I
feel or any of you feel, athletes are being held to a higher standard
and this is just stupid.

Epically stupid: A $27 million mistake that voids Burress' NY Giants
contract and leads him to a possible suspension time upon returning
which of course is not guaranteed because he'd at least do a year. By
contrast, Keyshawn Johnson was on his way out of the sport at about
33(not sure). But more to the point: even the NRA should be tough
about illegal guns particularly in the hands of urban youth and
adults. It's a shame with the amount of senseless murder, that these
guys have the compulsion to pack heat.

Some might say he got slammed, but given the attention of the issue of
both NFL bad boys and rampant gun crime, didn't he really slam himself?


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