"It's Saturday, Man. Don't Ruin Your Day."

It’s so rare that I talk stress-free bike rides. Today is no different. Unless you ride at or before 6AM, it’s real difficult to have a pristine ride when dealing with Baltimore traffic.

Today, I got in a verbal altercation with a woman who was late for work. My answer to her: “Who Cares?” She honked at me coming down Lake Avenue towards Falls Road. The speed limit is 30mph. I was going 60kph (40mph) through most of it. With no run-off, there’s no way I let you past me. So she could what be right in front and make a turn in front of me.

Here, bike lanes deceive people into believeing that cyclists should move over at all times on all roads and frankly, drivers are crazy: they rush past you to make a turn in front and dumb stuff like that. You just can’t trust it.

I learned two things though: After arguing with her and the cars we held up as we argued I checked my heart monitor and noted that my heart rate was 172bpm, the same as it would be if I was ascending a steep hill, and all the time she thought she’d save she wasted arguing with me. It also occurs to me how much of a waste of time it is to get mad at these idiots.

In her argument she starts off talking about her riding 5000 miles. The answer I gave her is not something I’d publish. I don’t care if the Pope was responding to a Papal emergency at 60kph you don’t get in front of me, period. Then she implies that since she’s late for work I should understand—but then she spends a whole light cycle arguing with me.

It was really unpleasant especially for the people behind us as we took up the travle lanes to argue (I wasn’t late for work)… Eventually our confrontation subsided, but only as some guy comes over to me reminding me that it was indeed Saturday. Even then, I realized it was too late to save my ride.


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