Response to Marc


Don’t let ’em stop you. You were bringing real issues to the airwaves and I find it hard to believe that YPR would make such a “lateral” move (at best).

On the statistic: The incarceration rate is not surprising and even less surprising is the statistic within the statistic which is the numbers of minorities in prison: black men. I saw that the stat for is 1/9 black men were incarcerated and 1/36 latino men.

Combine that with an obscene lack of opportunity within certain segments of our society, the barriers to entry into a better life, and the out and out danger associated with inner-city life, it’s clear that the country doesn’t see this as a problem… It’s just an accident on the side of the road that we all slow down for… I’ve given up the notion of fairness or hope for caring from the country, city or even county at large.

I’m witness to a spouse who teaches at an exclusive private school with a 2% black population where my wife, the teacher used the word homogenous in class and none of the ninth grade students knew what that meant… That’s all too telling. Signing off.


मार्च १ & , 2008

Went on rides this weekend both days. Saturday was so windy that compared to Sunday I lost six minutes over an hour… I remember riding into a gust of wind and losing my breath… crazy. Sunday’s ride was much better of course and to think of how little tie I gained underscores how out of shape I am for it…

Looking at my past posts, just shows me how time is marching on faster and faster. Competitive days are setting. But I saw a seventy year old in a picture . I think he was competing in ome cycling event and I thought: “That could be me.”

We’ll see.