Food For Thought

the best advice I heard today was to turn off the computer and actually think.

Will do …over and out.


Starbucks' Training Closure Might be The Best PR Yet.

Today I heard the most inane news: that Starbucks was closing from 5 – 9 pm in order to train its employees. I first thought: you caffeine-addicts, that’s not news. 

Why should it matter whether a coffee shop was closed that late in the evening? Well… Starbucks evening sales probably answer that question. 

Anyway, I got to thinking about the former CEO’s reemergence to the lead position and his rant on getting Starbucks shops back to their core of the “real” barista experience and realized that this move: a low-key and a non-news item might be the best thing yet for them to begin to turn that percetion.