November 5, 2005

I rode for a bout a half hour’s worth of time today as I had a meeting at Cross Keys and I had to make that meeting behind preparing and sending out a brochure for a different client. It ate into all the time I would have used in transit. And in this city, the bike is the only credible way to get from here to there quickly. I was late leaving and I had about ten minutes to get there. I made it in fifteen, so I wasn’t embarrassing. The only problem was the sweating … which took a little work to tame. The meeting went well.

Today, I went to the bike shop where the guy who won the Jones Falls Valley time trial works and talked to him about it. He rides about ten to twenty hours a week he told me. We talked about the time trial a bit. Enough for me to want to win it next year—the only tangible, sane reason I can attach to this obsessive riding I’ve done.


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