November 3, 2005

This time of year is so tough to ride. With all the falls, vehicular incidents and the cold, it makes for some difficult rides. Today was no different. Most of the ride was okay except the feeling that I’m pulling along a piano at times. That’s an exaggeration, because I caught a rider today coming up Roland. I started at least a minute behind her, catching her before the light at Northern Parkway (going North).

After that, the ride was uneventful as I turned down Lake and she wen the other way. Actually “uneventful” not quite: I tried the new route Thursday and as I was coming down University, I got a flat. It was the perfect stor, because I had just used my air canister because my front tire seemed flat. Pumped that up during the ride so I was caught out there and had to walk the whole way back home from University—about two miles. Bummer.

My time until the flat: 46 minutes


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