October 30, 2005

Well today’s ride was easier than yesterday’s: the weather was nicer and things seemed a bit smoother. The wind though still kicked up a bit and made a difference in the ride. I aborted my first start because I had a wobble in my rear rim which made it feel like I was in a car with the emergency brake partially on. I could hear the whistle of the tire rubbing the frame and upon discovery turned around 5 minutes out for adjustment.

Well I was able to fix that easy enough and took to the ride. It was not an easy one, although I had determined not to work too hard going into this ride today. It took me an even twenty minutes to make it to the top of the Falls Road hill near Princeton Sports—my best is about 18 and a half. And the top of the Bellona hill took me about 35 minutes which is also slow yet slow and consistent. Today I turned back towards Roland and came back down Roland Avenue to finish the ride in about a 53:32 with a 30kph avg.

I had an interaction with a car today and to sum it up he passed me in a bad spot and questioned why I was in the road. We were approaching a red light and really, how important is it to hurry to the light I ask myself? Well, I wasn’t as rational in my interaction with him which led to me using a gesture and him waving back at me. Despite being angry and disagreeing with the man, I actually appreciated his lack of reciprocity. I realize that if I’m really going to continue riding, that I must not only control my temper, but control my disdain for drivers and their lack of regard for my and their own safety. If I thought I could keep it, I would say right here that I will never use profanity at any driver ever… but realy how likely is that? I will try anyway.


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