October 29, 2005

My Saturday ride was fit in-between a couple things that needed to get done: working towards a couple project deadlines and an outing with my wife later that afternoon. It was uneventful, but more than that it was windy. More than enaything wind is an enemy. Cold is painful, heat is excrutiating, yet wind seems to trump those too as it seems to take your effort and throw it right in your face. I suppose this time of year with the wind on high and the full thermal wear it’s easy not to make my best times. But it seems even more difficult to match them almost as if my best times were dreams I had way back.

I heard something today which sort of helped me gain a bit of understanding about my rides: Bill Fitzpatrick of success.org put in a podcast a speech on the value of work. The first point he said that if you value the work, you must do it even if it seemingly will have no value, or even an inverse value to yourself and others. This concept he crystallized in a quote from Thomas merton, a renowned Trappist monk. He also mentioned a high order concept of the martial arts called Moo Shin, No Shin—”the mind of no mind” where one is elevated to the level of blocking out surroundings in order to focus on a goal… I really appreciated hearing that, being in the moment of each bike ride is often so difficult, especially as in ways it seems to have zero value.


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