October 28, 2005

I hadn’t ridden all week with the funky weather and a slew of work/meetings to do earlier in the week. I guess I picked the wong day because I fell again… This time I fell because I hit the single biggest pothole I ever hit. I was mad and embarrassed for a while, thinking that I’d email the mayor about the street having such humongous potholes. But ultimately, I realized the futility in that—it’d be like asking why is New York crowded? Because let’s face it: the city doesn’t give a crap about cyclists.

(I heard on NPR the other day that Intel has been named one of the best places to work because they have cycling facilities showers and stuff for their commuters. They also offer financial incentives to their employees that use public transportation. I have to say I, for one, really appreicate such an approach to business. That said even basic scraps of recognition for cyclists outside of blithely suggestive “share the road” signs would be appreciated. Holding breath now …. Not.)

It skewed the handlebars and flattened the tire about 12:50 into my ride. Not cool. Then, I only had one plastic thingy to get the tire off with and it took forever. Well I aborted riding the old ride, turning around at Lake Avenue and coming back down Roland Avenue. I had an errand to run so I rode around for a while and then did the errand, and went home.

At home I found out that I had left my keys at the scene of the tire change and had to ride back there to get the key, which was there. So the total time, completely unofficial was over an hour I have an eact time but it doesn’t matter …


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