October 19, 2005

Time: 48.10 (I rode the old route—and didn’t even finish it. Once I got to 43rd with 43 minutes passed I figured why go down that hill with all those chunks in the road? And I just took it easy for five minutes.)

I rode like a sack of potatoes today. Maybe it was the wind? Or maybe not. The cold air is always a harsh introduction after a ride layoff. Not riding today would have meant that I hadn’t ridden for six days. But the sunlight convinced me to go. I almost don’t know how I did it last year, because days like today I just don’t feel the desire to go out and ride. But I did.

Maybe it was part recovering from doing a 5K with a friend. Am I a runner you ask? No. My body was hurting so much the days after I walked down stairs like a chimp. I remember being happy that the course official took off the timing chip at the end of the race because I would have had to bend over and do it myself. Overall though I didn’t do badly (150th out of about 900, with a time of 24:08). But riding and running are different pains altogether. Running has less rests in it. Riding you can rest more…

Anyway, I’m proud of myself for not yelling at anyone. A moron cut me off and even though I caught her I said nothing. Good stuff.


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