October 13, 2005

It’s been rainy for about six days… Just miserable weather. Rain. The promise of rain. The threat of rain. The remnants of rain. It sort of matches my mood… Perfect day for a ride. It misted at the beginning, and rained at the end, so I took it easy, because I’m going to be in the Baltimore Marathon this weekend and I don’t need to hurt myself ahead of time. So I rode really conservatively, getting behind by four minutes at the top of Bellona hill.

Just as well, it was little cold so I put on two shirts since my cold gear shirt was not clean. It I think created a lot of drag during the ride making a fast time seem unlikely. So, this was indeed just a maintenance ride that just got me out of the office for a time, netting a final ride time on the new course of 56 minutes 22 seconds. Also, there are just so many lights, I stopped almost every 500 feet.

I continue to have what little confidence I have in people’s ability to drive trumped by consistently bad judgement. It’s just astounding how idiotic people get—especially when it’s raining. But I realized on what grounds should I have ever given them any sense of faith in their ability… true morons. I would describe what they did but why? It’s always something. So forget it.


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