October 9, 2005

I went on a ride on the ninth and actually toyed with changing the route. I rode the normal route, but turned at Lake Avenue to go west back to Roland (to go south and then back down Unversity and East to Argonne) it’s much more safe and less frustrating. All in all it was a good ride. Ride time: 53:18.

I passed a couple people during that trip. One guy I caught him coming up Roland. No need to pass, I just stayed with him silently at his wheel. I passed him at Northern Parkway since he stopped for the Christmas Tree while I didn’t since the turn only lights were on and about to shift to green. I also passed a dude at the top of Bellona hill. I think I took about a minute from him. But all in all this is the time of year that’s most depressing to ride: it’s colder, and the season is dying. I wonder how I made it through last year riding as much as I did.

I’m getting reading for the 5K in the Baltimore Marathon in almost a contrarian way. I’ve done no running whatsoever, counting simply on my cycle fitness to carry me in the race. But I’m not looking to control things, just to do well.


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