October 6, 2005

I went for a ride today after taking two days off. And by my thinking, if a two-day rest means that a baseball picher is taht much more effective on four days’ rest then a cyclist should be more effective on two days’ rest. That’s not the case. Actually, in the Tour De France, the cyclists ride 60 mile days on the “rest day”. Similarly, the football great Jerry Rice, now retired, at one point reportedly ran five miles a day. His spartan routine enabled him to stay the greatest for the longest.

Hmmm. If only I had thought about it. But I was wrapped up in emotion of the recent past. Roy Jones’ loss in the light heavywieght fight against Tarver showed what age does. The talking doesn’t go. The thinking doesn’t go. But that little extra does. Any flashes of Jones’ brillance were unable to surface through his reckoning of the work it might have taken to knock out Tarver. Any sign of Tarver’s finishing ability was also absent really as he stunned Roy in the eleventh and let Roy totter almost like a video game—I mean Roy was unadulterated for what seemed like five seconds.

Two thoughts came to me from that fight: Pay-per-view for guys over 33 is probably just not a good idea. Second, there really is a point where one turns around and is suddenly getting old. As if there was an embezzler in the organization, one doesn’t notice those things that lack until they are all too obvious.

Not sure where all that takes me for training. I begun to appreciate that cycling is something I should do for my own health and fun. Meanwhile I think it works as an aging man’s sport in the sense that the battle is won with intelligence and consistency—two things I am gaining increasingly. Nonetheless there are young guns that I need to beat so I need to be consistent and get out there. I think though I could factor in more other activities into my riding and I have to rationalize what those will be. After all my gym membership has gone unadulterated for a while.

But as far my ride went today, it was a good one. I had to get out there today, because the weather was nice and rain is expected later this week. I tried to take it easy not working too hard, and I still came within my top times by maintaining aero position and working when necessary. The big hill was no easier though. In fact it seemed to hurt more than usual.

So my time ended up being a pretty good one and has got me realizing that putting in the work everyday can net overall progress. Time: 44.32 Max 61kph Avg 31kph


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