October 4, 2005

Ride 44:18 31.2 max

Today was a good ride again. I’ve not been going full steam up the hills, yet, I’m able to maintain a higher overall speed to come within a minute of my fastest time. I’ve been noticing that I weigh 167lbs., which is less than I’ve weighed for the last ten years—almost dating to the 159lbs. I weighed during a fitness assessment in college.

I’m coming to the conclusion, that I really will have to change my route. Going south on York Road is the stuff for vultures. One could confuse the street for one in Bosnia or somehting it’s so rocky. Further, this car was just fiending to cut me off today. nearly driving right in front of me because it was “clear” in his warped opinion (with the exception of me). We exchanged words (and gestures). I really should stop that crazy stuff.


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