September 30, 2005

Time today: 43:33

Today was a painful ride. I have some issues and I needed to take it out. On myself… Sort of like that Nine Inch Nails thing… “I hurt myself today … to see if I still feel” … Well, I felt it alright. Somewhere between that feeling and listening to some old school headbanging rap and throwing shit around the office is where I was when I started. 43 minutes over the 14 mile course is near my best so I was flying. But, I felt so goddamn slow on the hills it was ridiculous. I’m faster than that.

Most of the straights were quick because I had a disk wheel cover on the back wheel. But the hills were extra slow. It may be the cog that I used… It doesn’t have the same range as another that I have that makes hills a little more tolerable… If only I had the candy ass bikes that so many cake-eaters use.

But that’s okay because I live in the House of Pain. And by the way, I am the King of Pain. I am a ticking time bomb. And if you’re a driver on the streets when I am, bring your backup, because you can kiss my ass—and I’ll tell you on the spot. bitch. what.

But as of now you are officially invited to the Start of Your Ending 2006. Clear some space on your calendar. Look up the soothsayers because I want revenge for coming in 21st in the Jones Falls Valley Time Trial. And I will have it.


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