Results of the 2005 Time Trial

21st place with a time of 24m53s.

Body: The results have been posted on the Mt Washington Bike Shop website ( but I can give you the skinny of the way things went down… Kris Auer (pro) a Mt Washington Bike Shop employee won the race this year (21:12) after he came in second last year (24:15. The winning (pro) time last year was a 22:50). Last year’s winning amateur time was 26:15.

Looking back I can say that I made a strong effort—one with which I am modestly happy. I felt a little weird early on in the race and I had a slight problem at the end where I had to slow down because I thought I had a flat and it turned out to be the wheel rubbing the gear changer, for a minute, as I climbed a hill (I don’t know if either of these slowed me down a whole lot. For those who didn’t know I built a time trial bike by modifying my number two bike cutting handle bars and using wheels donated by Carlton and getting a disk cover for the back wheel).

My time was a 24:52 which, all in all, was pretty good. I placed 21st (17th among amateurs) neither of which I’m really enamored with. My aim was for a solid top ten. But, I think my effort shows definite progress a facet which I should not overlook. For every minute I lost to the leaders, I can think of a reason why I’m not faster, so I know I can improve. And I could also note that Kris Auer, one strong rider, who I know rode the race last year improved his time 3 minutes, gives me reason to believe that I did indeed improve my speed somewhat dramatically.

Considering last year, I did a 31:24—and did a “25” this time—I’m satisfied with the level of work I put into the race and the training that went up to it. That said, I think there was more I could have achieved and I was looking to be in the 23m range. So in considering progress, the amateur winning time last year of 26m is something that I could have contended for.


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