June 8, 2005

Better ride today. Even with the heat I was able to power up hills, recover on the straights and work well through most of the trip. My time was a 48’38”—which compares well to my best time as I’ve decided to alter the route home because E. 43rd street is a terrible street. It’s a quarter-mile hill that leads over some of the bumpiest stretches of street.

Today my major concern is asshole drivers. I am convinced some drivers are simply evil. I was nearly squeezed off the road by a truck. That serves me right. You simply can’t give drivers room to pass in a bad post—like into a curve, over a hill or with a car coming. They’ll take it and hope they don’t hit you, those assholes. Just for estimation’s sake I’d say hard-core cretains number about 2 out of every fifteen drivers, while there are two who take the ultimate in precautions for cyclists. (Thanks).

Today, I even got into it with a bunch of trash truck drivers. The driver of the truck pulls out of an alley in front of me without even stopping—taking my right-of-way. I give him this look like “give me a break”, the guy behind the truck starts calling out to me: “that’s what you have brakes for.” Then he challenges me to come back and tell him in his face. There are a couple problems with that: 1) I’m not reversing field for anybody. 2) If I’m going to fight a sanitation worker, it’s going to be because he stepped to me not the reverse. 3) I’m not going to run from a fight, but I’m not going to volunteer for one on a bike (and in bike clothes and shoes). 4) last but not least: fighting doesn’t solve the asshole driver program.


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