June 27, 2005

Well I’ve ridden my stronges time yet-a 45:03 today. I am beginning to see some of the benefits of riding daily. It seems like a dream since I rode in the jones falls valley time trial coming in 26th. But I feel like I could better that time by about five minutes (My time was a 31 minutes on the nine mile down-and-back course).

Today I rode stronger in all phases of the course(the flats through Roland Park, the hills, etc.) Maybe I can attribute the time gain to staying in a crouch longer this trip, as well as spending a little time truing the wheel and topping off the air pressure.

I’m really amped by the gains that I’ve been able to achieve and they inspire me in other areas. I think the lesson I am able to pull away from this is that in search of my best, I have to set aside time to add to my ability every day. Maybe I can duplicate this type of growth in my professional life…


June 8, 2005

Better ride today. Even with the heat I was able to power up hills, recover on the straights and work well through most of the trip. My time was a 48’38”—which compares well to my best time as I’ve decided to alter the route home because E. 43rd street is a terrible street. It’s a quarter-mile hill that leads over some of the bumpiest stretches of street.

Today my major concern is asshole drivers. I am convinced some drivers are simply evil. I was nearly squeezed off the road by a truck. That serves me right. You simply can’t give drivers room to pass in a bad post—like into a curve, over a hill or with a car coming. They’ll take it and hope they don’t hit you, those assholes. Just for estimation’s sake I’d say hard-core cretains number about 2 out of every fifteen drivers, while there are two who take the ultimate in precautions for cyclists. (Thanks).

Today, I even got into it with a bunch of trash truck drivers. The driver of the truck pulls out of an alley in front of me without even stopping—taking my right-of-way. I give him this look like “give me a break”, the guy behind the truck starts calling out to me: “that’s what you have brakes for.” Then he challenges me to come back and tell him in his face. There are a couple problems with that: 1) I’m not reversing field for anybody. 2) If I’m going to fight a sanitation worker, it’s going to be because he stepped to me not the reverse. 3) I’m not going to run from a fight, but I’m not going to volunteer for one on a bike (and in bike clothes and shoes). 4) last but not least: fighting doesn’t solve the asshole driver program.

June 7 2005

Ride today was less dramatic, yet marginally fruitful. I lost gobs of time around York Road after the Bellona Hill. But uneventful is okay after the forced layoff. The final time of 1:50 was off since I changed the course towards the end of the course. Parenthetically, I need a new chain and gears because when I stand and put some pressure on them, the haven’t been holding. In the year that I’ve had this Specialized, I’ve put about 1000 miles on the drive chain, so that is likely.

June 6, 2005

I rode today and that ride was painful. Today was the first ride back from a ten-day layoff. I had to rest myself from having surgery ten days ago. Well I know now the only thing worse than a layoff is the day back from a layoff. Also the temperature was about 80-85 degrees. Just coming back, I didn’t want to push it, but as things turn out, I was hurting anyway.

Time: 50:41