January 13, 2005

January 13, 2005

Ride 49:21 Forgive me fellows for I have sinned. I have not journaled a ride in the last week. I’ve ridden every day this week but most of them were miserable rides. The two words I can think of are “Fucking weather.” Winding, cold conditions hold down my time, as well as lights, as well as asshole traffic.

1/13’s ride was a good one. It started quickly. I’ve learned that I can pull myself up the Argonne hill and the University Hill fairly quickly. These pulls netted me an extra minute or so. With little wind, I was able to attack Roland Avenue a little better, getting to Northern Parkway at a bout 13:20. All in all, I had a strong ride. The key is to attack the hills, and then attack the slopes, but take some time to rest.

Only I nearly crashed coming down the East 43rd hill where I had to abort the turn, losing about twenty seconds. That made the time 49:20 instead of about 49 or even less if I hadn’t had to stop at lights. I realize through riding that one can only understand greatness in attempting the every day.

Each day shows me what additionally I can do. Simple stuff. Like one might assume that getting lower on the bike makes a difference in the riding. However I’ve realized when getting lower really helps versus when sometimes it really doesn’t reduce your time.

Often I found that riding is the tension between where you have to ride and where you have to rest. When I think about what I’m doing, I consider that the guy who slayed the field in the Jones Falls Valley Time Trial had to average 25 mph (going nine miles in 22 minutes) versus my placing 26th and doing that time in 31 mph. I realized then in the pain of defeat (knowing I was slow and being passed twice) that you are not racing others. You are racing yourself. You’ve got to conquer you’re own demons every day to prepare to take on the best.


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