January 4, 2005

January 4, 2005

Ride: 49:59 17.5 avg, 33 mph max.

This was a really good ride. The temp was nearly sixty. It felt like Miami Beach. (Miami people think of sixty as the middle of winter.) I intentionally rode trying not to strain the whole way. Absolute pain is the difference between my going 48:30 and a 52:00. That 3.5 minute change represents so much real pain it’s not funny. On this day though, I focused on trying to keep steady on speed. I did well even though I only made it to Northern Parkway and Roland in fourteen minutes, when thirteen is my best time. I did especially well this time on the hills by staying seated and battling through the hilly parts.

As I ascended the really big hill I kept my speed nearly through half of the bottom section, climbing at 14 mph. I looked to the right and noticed between six and eight deer standing in the woods like extras in a science film flick. It was like they would say, in perfect English, “Come with us mortal.” They were probably waiting for one false move. I was just glad they didn’t run out in the street since there were cars coming. Anyway, the Bellona hill that day was less painful than usual and I reached the top in about 37 minutes (also the ten mile mark).

Again, I rode somewhat more easily and reached home just under an even 50 minutes.


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