December 31, 2004

December 31, 2004

50.30 ; 17.1 avg.; dist 14.5 (cpu has been stopping intermittently) …

theoretically a good ride although i thought it had the potential to be a record setter. the whole first half was quick. the first time split i made it to by 8 minutes… the second at northern parkway, i made it to by nearly 13 minutes… the top of the hill on falls i made it to by 22m20s (slowing down), but made it to the turn at falls and ruxton by 24 minutes and the top of the ruxton hill by 27 minutes. making to the base of the bellona hill by 32 minutes, i made it to the light by 37 minutes.

at that time, i hit a wind through which it was difficult to go faster than usual. in fact i was struggling to keep any speed at all. i maxed 24mph going down york rd./greenmount st. to the e 43st turn. i think the wind took about a minute from me. but all i all, it was a good ride.


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