December 29, 2004

51:30 time 14.3 miles; 16.7 avg.

Hard ride today… It’s always very hard to resume workouts after holidays and this is no different. Two days in New jersey one in New York, two days traveling up and back, extreme cold and now a least a couple days where it gets up to 50 degrees. I don’t know what my bottom limit is in terms of temp, but I’m trying not to be a crazy out there with absolute cold.

I felt way out of shape today. The cold air seemed to tear into my throat with phlegm making its way into my windpipe every few feet. I stared really well—or so it seemed since at one point I looked down and the computer wasn’t working for a while I don’t know why. All the signs of a good time; under ten minutes to the first mark (Coldspring and University), thirteen and a half to Northern Parkway. Twenty-two minutes to the top of Falls Road. Things weren’t as good from there.

Massive pain. Seeming out of breath, unable to go faster. It’s amazing how fast ring rust develops. Hopefully I won’t completely lose form in the coming colder months.


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