December 17, 2004

December 17, 2004

Hill ride: time 52m 39s (2 chain derailments) 16.2 mph avg; 35 mph max pretty soon, i’ll do a photo shoot of the entire ride for readers’ benefit if there are any… if there aren’t well it just good to get into the blog thing and chronicle my rides which have become somewhat important to me.

pretty good time today. well at least it was about the average for my riding. the best time was 48 minutes which is what I was getting consistently for a while. but then, the layoff, yada, yada, yada … and here we are.

it was about 46 degrees today and i wore a heat sealing breathable shirt and my riding jacket. i am convinced that thing carves about 3 minutes or so off my time. i can’t go fast or so i think with it. less of a contemplative ride, but a much more scenic one. eleven o’clock it seems is roughly the only time when i feel that we get enough light in the winter. the rest of the time after 2pm, the sun is either rising or setting.

this was a good ride, lacking drama. but i the rivets in the road are just huge. i ran over one that has its own reality. there are probably people living in it. with bicycles. saying “tell my family I’m okay!!”


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