December 16, 2004

December 16, 2004

(Daily) Bike Ride

50 degrees today for the ride. At best. Because of the cold, a ten-day layoff covering my trip to Miami and the cold days back, I’ve been skittish about going out for a ride.

Those factors sealed the fate of a ride that was my worst ever. My finish time 58:00 (15.2 mph avg), up 10 minutes off my best time for what I call the “hill” ride. While this was my worst ride ever it was perhaps one of the more contemplative. Immediately out of the gate on the first hill, I felt near-sick—not a good sign. Thee sick feeling subsided enough for me to be serious about finishing, but my time dwindled away. I’m not sure what translated to the terrible time; the cold, the layoff, the food consumed during the layoff. Nonetheless, I got out there and did it.

While this ride was high on pain, it was also high on thought. I’ve come to think of a ride as an opportunity to for a type of meditation. I thought how similar riding is to running a business.

1. If you’re not going at full speed, you’ll still be burning your energy. You might as well go at full speed.
2. Don’t bother looking up the hill or envying a faster speed (to the crest, or to an opponent who’s ahead), focus on the hill in front of you. What counts is going strong at your own pace.
3. Take a few days off and you’ll feel like you’ve taken a few days off.
4. Rest is earned.
5. You’ll find excuses not to do what you set out to do. Once you get around them you’ll know you’re breaking through your heuristic biases.
6. Eating peanut butter sandwiches before a ride has its drawbacks.


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