Back To The Future

A little project with thirty days until the flag drops for the F1 Season.

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10 Gifs From The #Festive500

For a number of years now, Rapha, a clothing manufacturer, and Strava an online data tracking service have held the Festive 500—500 kilometers between December 24th ad December 31st.

Here are 10 images that defined the riding for me. It’s a great way to divert my attention from the stress of the holidays and a last great challenge before winter really sets in (usually). This year’s edition was also marked by the poignant loss of Tom Palermo, a cyclist who was hit by a driver in North Baltimore. His death shocked the cycling community in Baltimore and led to a memorial ride attended by perhaps one thousand riders, including myself. The loss, which happened midway through the challenge, made finishing all that more significant, as a proof of life, if nothing else.

Money is Theoretical …

Wife: “Ok…we did some review exercises today. He (son, 5) really needs some work with money and size concepts (fewer, more, less, greater, etc.) … From now on, if he goes (out anywhere), he should stand in line and pay with cash. Then sit with him and review the receipt and count his change.

Me: “No problem … money is only a concept, ’til somebody’s taking yours.”